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How To Tap A Cell Phone Conversation Online?

Sunday, May 8th, 2011

how to tap a cell phone conversationDo you want to know how to tap a cell phone conversation in just a few minutes from now? People nowadays are more curious than ever before because they want to

  • track their kid’s cell phones;
  • find out why their spouse talk on the phone in another room;
  • convince if their business partner are stealing from them;
  • track what employees are doing with the company payed phones;
  • track their own activity on personal cell phones.

and that’s why there are so many people, including you, that want to spy on phone conversations.

But how can you do that? How can you tap cell phone conversations and not get caught doing it?

1st thing that you need to do is find to find a phone tapping software also called a spy software. There aren’t many because in some countries listening other people phone calls is illegal. Just do some research and see where you could find a spy mobile phones software but be careful when chosing it. The best phone tapping software has many abilities can be expensive because it include not just the usual stuff : spy on text messages and see call history. Just a few software programs allow the user to listen LIVE phone conversations or to access the multimedia database of the phone(pictures taken, videos).

2.Now that the hardest part is solved and you have the software you need to install it on the phone. Don’t be fooled by the software that promise to spy on phone conversations without having access to the phone because it’s impossible. In order to start tapping cell phones you need to have the phone at least 10 minutes in your hand. Just borrow the phone, or invent another excuse, install the software with the instructions provided by the vendor and return the phone to the owner.

3.Log into the web interface of the software and start tapping mobile phone conversations.

That’s it….

This is the only way how to tap a cell phone conversation, by using a spyware software.

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