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Spybubble Review – Is It Really Good For Parents?

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

spybubble dashboard


Parents nowadays need to have a close eye on their kids. You can’t really know what your children do and you can’t question them all the time if there’s something wrong because that could seem as you don’t trust them.

Review made by a mom of 3 beautiful teen-aged girls. < Exact details won’t be disclosed >

“I’m the mother of 3 beautiful teen-aged girls. I’m also a mother with one full time job along with an web business. Juggling my own time in between the two and still trying to keep a supervision on my small little treasures can be stressful. And it became even worse when my eldest started dating.

I’m unsure what it is about bad boys that sixteen year olds find so appealing, but when I spied my daughter being walked home by a scruffy-looking ruffian in torn jeans and a leather jacket, alarm bells rang! I was mulling over easy methods to give my daughter some motherly advice when I came across some SpyBubble reviews. I visited their internet site, paid for the registration fee and logged on as a member.

Later, I installed the software in Jane’s smartphone. After a week, I logged on to my SpyBubble account through my desktop browser to go through some of the text messages that my daughter sent on her phone. No hassles, no dramas. Other users with SpyBubble reviews online said the exact same thing.

Thankfully, soon after studying through her messages to her boyfriend; I found out that he wasn’t so bad in the end. I learned about his family, as well as how he wanted to give his mother a valentine’s present (I know, I know), and how his older brother was thinking of attending med school. ”

Check out our SpyBubble review.

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Spybubble Reviews – Real Customers Opinions

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

We’ve made some research over the internet and we found the following SpyBubble reviews made by real people on differentspybubble reviews websites.

Obviously some people don’t provide much information about themselves because they don’t want other people to know that they are using a spy software.

We made a video review of the Spy Bubble software, and you can see it on this page!

This is the Spybubble dashboard that you will see if you get the software:

spybubble dashboard











You can check the SpyBubble website for more information or if you want you can also check our reviews of the best cell phone spy software programs.

SpyBubble Customer #1

I’m an engineer who works for a large multinational construction firm.  My job takes me around the world to inspect ongoing projects and troubleshoot niggles that encountered at the work site.  Obviously, this takes me away from my home in Boston, usually for weeks at a time.  I guess this seems like a long-winded story but trust me, this is a real SpyBubble review.

My wife and I have been together for almost 5 years, and in that time it seemed like she had gotten used to me leaving with little notice.  At least I thought she understood.  In the last few months, she seemed distant and cool whenever I tried to strike up a conversation.  When I was at home, she’d slink away to write a text message or answer a call on her mobile phone.

That’s when I read some SpyBubble reviews and thought that I’d give it a try.  Their money-back guarantee and low registration fee sold me to the idea and I installed the program on my wife’s android mobile and let it sit there for a few weeks.  Some of the SpyBubble reviews on the net said something about installation problems, but I had none of those, thankfully.

Just a few weeks back, while I was inManila, I thought I’d check in on my wife’s phone activities.  Going through her calls, I found that she had been regularly calling someone called Rene.  Her text message inbox were also full of stuff from him.  What really took the cake were the photos she took of the guy with her phone.

Make a long story short, when I got back stateside my wife and I had a long talk.  The evidence I got from her phone ended any argument that would have started otherwise.

SpyBubble Customer #2

I’m writing this Spybubble review because I think the world should know about it!

Just a year back, my family was caught in a difficult situation.  I discovered that my wife of 18 years had a son out of wedlock.  That son, Shaun, came to live with us.  At first, things were great, with my kids easily taking to Shaun’s cheerful nature.  But a few months back, a change came over my foster child.

He started talking back to me and my wife.  He was aloof to my kids and went for days either locked in his room or just missing from the house.  He barely talked to us and when he did, he often snapped impatiently.

Concerned about this sudden change, my wife and I agreed to try to find out what was wrong.  After toying with a few ideas, we got to searching the web for spying equipment, thinking we would plant a bug or something.  Then we chanced upon some Spybubble reviews.  I registered online and following some pretty simple instructions, I managed to secretly install the software on Shaun’s iPhone. It was easy…

We went through some of his recent emails sent from the phone and discovered why he was troubled.  It seemed that some old acquaintance of his was extorting money from him, using something from his past.  We soon sat down with Shaun and while at first he seemed angry, he later calmed down to realize the concern we had for him.  In short, we solved the problem, thanks to Spybubble!

Visit the SpyBubble Website

SpyBubble review #3

When a client of mine asked me about how he could monitor his employee’s mobile phones to know if they were doing their job, I remembered reading some SpyBubble reviews on the internet.

This client, Paul, had a home improvement outfit with 3 crews of plumbers, carpenters and masons that were constantly being assigned to jobs around the city.  I showed him the SpyBubble reviews I found and said that at a one-time fee of $49 to monitor an infinite number of mobile phones seemed like a pretty good deal.  We also looked through some the features of SpyBubble, and what really caught our attention was the GPS tracking feature.  Paul’s men usually had to rush from site to site and everything depended on how quickly men, equipment and materials could be shuffled around the city.  So knowing where each person was and what he was doing made it a lot easier to run the business.

So after talking it over, Paul registered online.  Paul’s company gives out smartphones to his foremen and these are brought in twice a week for schedule synching and updating.  During this time, we installed the SpyBubble software on each of the 5 mobile phones.  The very next week, we found out that one of his foremen was going to 2 other sites while he was on the clock.  When we checked his text messages, we found that he had been taking jobs and siphoning some of the building materials that were meant for Paul’s clients.  We never would’ve found out about the text messages and the moonlighting had it not been for SpyBubble.  Hope my SpyBubble reviews help you realize what this product can do for you.

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Best Cell Phone Spy Software Reviews

Friday, May 20th, 2011

Updated February 27th 2015.

Currently there are 3 cell phone spy software programs that you should consider using :

- MSpy

- HighsterMobile

- FlexiSpy

Here’s the most informative review between them and why MobileSpy is #1 cell phone spy software.

MSpy vs HighsterMobile vs FlexiSpy


MSpy Review – #1 (the only app with 1,000,000 users worldwide)

1_5_newbox_v1.3MSpy Features:

 Supports iOS, Android and Windows phones & tablets (and also computers!)

 Call tracking with detailed logs

 SMS tracking

 E-mail tracking

 Works in any country

 Access to multimedia folder (videos and photos)

 GPS tracking

 Browser history tracking

 Phonebook access

 Lets you spy on Snapchat, Viber, Skype, WhatsApp, iMessage

 Can lock the smartphone remotely & you can delete the spy app remotely!

 Spy call listening (listen live calls)

Visit MobileSpy Website

HighsterMobile Review – #1

highster_boxHighsterMobile Features:

 The top feature of the app : Stealth Camera – where you can take remote photos with the smartphone

 Environment listening

Call tracking

SMS tracking

GPS location tracking

Phone Book Access

 E-mail tracking

 Internet browsing tracking

Works in any country

Support by phone or e-mail.

Supports – BlackBerry OS

- Android OS

- Symbian OS

- Windows Mobile OS

- Iphone OS

 Access to multimedia folder.

Exact models of the supported phones available on the website.

June UPDATE: We even made a video review of the software, called previously Spybubble, and you can see it on this page!

Visit HighsterMobile Website

FlexiSpy Review – #3

FlexiSpy Review

If FlexiSpy wasn’t so expensive it would be our #2 choice.

It has many versions to suit your needs, the top of the range being FlexiSpy Pro-X

Remote Call Listening or Live Call Interception – this is the only software who lets you listen to live calls!

supports SpyCall

SMS tracking

GPS location tracking

Can be installed directly on the phone that you want to spy without any cables

Great support which also includes Live-Agent.

Supports all the major mobile operating systems

Also offers the possibility to protect your phone from being spyed on with FlexiShield.

Costs very much. Somewhere in this range:$200-$360 which in our opinion is way too much if we look at MSpy or HighsterMobile which are priced as low as range of $30, depending on the plan (for Mspy) and only 69.99 for HighsterMobile.

The price is higher because it’s a more advanced phone spy software which is useless if you want to spy only text messages or only the contact list for example.

Visit FlexiSpy Website

These 3 are the best cell phone spyware software programs that you can find on the market at this moment!

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