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How to spy on a Cell Phone – Methods and things to consider

Monday, December 26th, 2011

spy on cell phoneIt is an assurance that you are somehow familiar with James Bond. For those un-updated in the movie industry, James Bond is a spy who is always tasked to do spy works and infiltrate a base packed with bad guys and all the sorts of evil things the criminal world has in store for humanity. Some people wish to have spying technology and skills similar to James Bond because of personal reasons. Good news for those in need of information, this article has lots of information on how to spy on a cellphone, an intermediary used by almost 90% of the world’s population.

First things first, one must always ask himself / herself why he / she needs to spy on something or someone. May it be to spy on one’s husband or wife, or is interested in doing spy works for someone else, keep in mind that spying requires one to take responsibility for whatever bad things that may happen because spying, as far as the majority knows, is an illegal act against the privacy of an individual.

The best way to spy on someone is through spying on something that people bring with them almost 24 hours a day, the cellphone. That is why this article is going to concentrate on how to spy on a cellphone rather than doing Sherlock Holmes-like spying.

Technology has evolved to a level wherein spying becomes a piece of cake even for people who are not that techy. There are lots of software released out there that provide the capability to track messages, user movement and every tiny bit of action that happens on the other side. One example of spying software is the Spy Bubble Phone. The only step to take in moving towards a spying practice is to secretly download or distribute that particular app to the target person’s smart phone. Install the software to your phone as well and follow the instructions as detailed in the documentation. There are more spy software out there like FlexiSpy, the latest iOS version of the find-my-iphone, etc.

Take first into consideration however, that not all cellphones can accommodate these spying apps. Most spying software out there are limited to particular platforms which is indeed a pain. But it doesn’t end in software methods, there are also ways to rig a cellular phone’s hardware and install tracking chips made with Bluetooth / RFID / etc. However, according to experts, the practice of using hardware spying is unadvisable because doing so has a higher risk on being exposed as a spy because of the changes in feel and the capabilities is just not that accurate. So it is just like basically saying, just go with software because spying is all about the results being accurate and that cannot be risked. How to spy on a cell phone? Do the necessary purchases / transactions and you’ll get to the fruit in no time.

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