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Top 13 signs that show you that your wife is cheating

Saturday, December 14th, 2013

img5No sign of cheating mentioned here proves infidelity, any more than a person being at the scene of a crime proves he is a criminal.

They are just the indicators- pieces of evidence that need to be added up. Every sign is a possible clue that by itself should not lead to an accusation, but at most to further investigation. Here are 13 signs of a cheating wife:

1.She has started dressing differently

If she suddenly starts to dress nicer, this might indicate infidelity. This is especially true if she is going out alone more often. On the other hand, it could just be that she wants to look nicer for you, so look for more indications and confirmation of your suspicions before worrying too much.

2.She closes internet windows quickly every time you approach

Does she seem to be closing windows on the internet every time you approach? She may be embarrassed by something she is doing. She may be hiding something from you, like e-mails from a lover.

3.She has developed new habits of personal care

Is she suddenly exercising and going to the gym three times a week? This could just be an attempt to get fit or – especially if there are other signs – could indicate that there’s a new man in her life. Is she brushing her hair and shaving her legs more often than normal

Look for other reasons for these changes. If her friend just started working out she might just be joining in to support her. If her mother just had dentures put in she might be more aware of the need to care for her teeth. Once (and if) you rule out these other possibilities you’ll have more reason for suspicion, and you can start to investigate further.

4.She seems to be distant

People change and go through phases, but there is usually some reason for new behavior. If you rule out other causes, a new sense of distance between you might mean a new closeness with someone else. This is even more likely if she seems distant while you are making love.

5. She is suddenly much more happier

Has she been happier than normal lately? Does she seem a little uncomfortable showing that happiness in front of you? Does she have a “glow” about her that wasn’t there before? There may be a reason for her new attitude, and it may be one you won’t like.

Pay particular attention to when she seems happy or cheerful. If it always after returning from work-related conferences that she previously has described as “boring,” there might be something going on. If she has begun to leave for work more cheerfully than before and she has not mentioned any changes to justify this, that may indicate a workplace affair.

6.She is more interested in new sexual practices

If she has never wanted to experiment much in bed before, but suddenly she’s using new positions and tricks, she may not have learned them from a book. Then again, maybe it was from a book. You might have to ask her.

This is one of the many possible indications that you’ll have to put in context with other clues. It is more likely to mean something if she also started to go out alone or stay late at work just before her new bag of sexual tricks was revealed to you. Watch for those other clues.

7.She has started hiding money from you

If you discover that she has a hidden stash of money, she may just be trying to plan ahead without consulting you. If, however, you check and see that the money is regularly used and then added to again, and yet no new items show up around the house, she may be using the money for purposes she doesn’t want you to know about. Again, it takes money to have an affair, and cash hides how the money is used (for gifts, hotel rooms, meals).

8.She casually mentions something unusual

If something is unusual, but she mentions it casually, this may be an attempt to draw attention away from it. For example, if she never stays late at work, but mentions casually, “Oh, I have to stay late at work tonight,” and then goes quickly to the next subject, she may be lying or hiding something. Since the event is unusual, there would normally be an immediate explanation.

Since the intent is to pass over the matter and move on, you should immediately ask about it. Gauge her responses to see if she seems honest or not in them. Ask for details that you later confirm or find to be false.

9.You catch her telling small lies

Have you recently caught her in some small lies? Maybe she said she went to the grocery store on the other side of town, but the bags show that it was the store down the street. Small lies sometimes are covering bigger dishonesty.

10.She always looks tired

Is she is suddenly a lot more tired than usual, especially when it comes time for intimate moments? Is there a reasonable explanation for this new tiredness, or is there some hidden reason?

Look at the timing of this change. If she started to get tired all the time around the same time that she also started to spend more time fixing her hair and makeup, this could spell trouble. If it was when she started a new and stressful job, that could be the cause of the change.

11.She stops discussing the future

Has she stopped talking about the future, especially about your future plans together? If she is having an affair, this is certainly an indication that it is a long-term one. She may not talk about future plans because you’re not in them.

12. She wants you to spend time apart

Has she been encouraging you to take vacations with friends without her, or to go fishing on the weekends? Has she always done this, or is this something new? Perhaps she wants time apart from you for a reason. You might want to find out what – or who – that reason is.

13.She has gas receipts indicating unusual locations

Whether you see the receipts or the charges on the credit cards, note where gasoline was purchased. Was it in any unusual locations, like at a station in the next town over on a night when she said she was shopping locally?

Watch for a pattern in the gas purchases. If two or three times monthly she is stopping at the same station–one that is not anywhere near where she says she has been–you might guess who she is seeing or determine which hotel the meetings are taking place at.

According to recent research, most affairs are not an one-time event. In fact, most last more than a month. This discouraging fact at least means you will have time to catch her.

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