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Can you install the cell phone spyware software remotely? Scam alert

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

Many people ask this question: Can you install the cell phone spy software without getting the phone into your hands? 
cell phone spy software


The answer is simple:  No!

It just isn’t possible to install a spyware software just “with your mind”!

You need to push some buttons and install the software manually (which shouldn’t be that complicated) but after you install it you never ever have to touch that phone again to get the information that you want. It will all be accessible through the software’s dashboard accessible from any computer with an internet connection.

But be careful!

Don’t get scammed! Be careful because there’s at least 1 developer that says that you can install the software remotely and they might even show you a great offer for the software. But their main goal is just to take your money.

The only spyware software that we recommend is Spybubble and you can read on our review page why we chose it as the best spyware.

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