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Every call and text you send is tracked by the government

Friday, April 12th, 2013

government1If you think you can do anything you want on your cell phone and no one will find out what you do… think again!

You see, all over the world, from US to China the government tracks and records your calls and texts messages and they store them for several months, some say 6, some say 12 months or longer…

Why do they do that?

They say that it’s done in case you’re doing any illegal activities and in case you’ll be prosecuted in the future, they will have proof to demonstrate their point.

But this is the least important part because all over the internet you can see popping out articles that talk about more surveillance: on your computer, on the road… everywhere! Why so much surveillance? You think about that…

And if you want to start spying on your cell phone and protect it from being lost or stolen, check out the best available software by watching this video.

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