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How to Spy Your Girlfriend’s Cell Phone and Read Her Text Messages

Saturday, December 3rd, 2011

More and more lovers lose their trust in their soul mates and you all know that the cell phone is the “main gate” to cheating. So what I am asking you is: Do you want to know how to spy your girlfriend’s cell phone and read her text messages?

If yes then read the lines below and you will see how to convince yourself what is she up to. If no then go and leave this page, but remember that the doubt will kill your relationship with your girlfriend.

So…you are still reading this and you want to remove the doubt or convince yourself that she’s cheating. Maybe you are not concerned about her cheating but I am assuming that you are if you are interested in how to spy her mobile phone.

What you need to do is get the best cell phone spy software, a software that has more features besides the sms spying one. There are a few software programs which can show you the calls log, the phone browsing history, the gps location, the contact list and a few other features. Whatever the reason you doubt her you need to have a confirmation and what’s better than the exact calls and the exact text messages that she sent.

After you get the software you install it on your girlfriend’s phone and after that you log into the software’s online dashboard and there you will have complete access to the cell phone.

You might think that you might not do the right thing but think about this. You can say it in her face because she will completely deny it until you have proof.

Here are a few tips on chosing the best cell phone spy software for spying your girlfriend’s phone:

-Before buying the software you need to check if your phone it’s compatible. If not then go and search for another software.

-another tip is that you should be sure that the software shows you how to install it on the phone. It can be tricky if you don’t have a step-by-step guide.

-don’t fall for the “free” stuff because there’s no genuine software which had tens of thousands of dollars invested and now it’s offered for free. There’s more likely a catch there that will cost you more than $50-100, the normal price of a spy software. There are many scams nowadays on the internet and we need to be careful.

Read the best spy software reviews and why the #1 selection is the best software availble on the market. Or you can read read other info on text messages spying.

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