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How to spy on cell phone conversations- Turn Yourself Into A Stealth Private Investigator In The Next 15 Minutes

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

Let me ask you this: Do you ever wanted to know how to spy on cell phone conversations?  If your answer is yes then keep reading because in 15 minutes from now you could listen any cell phone conversation you want if you use one of the ways that I will show you.

On top of that you also saw news on the TV that showed that anyone could listen other people’s cell phones by using just a small piece of software and you decided to search ways  how to spy on cell phone conversations.

Even if you don’t realize it almost all the cell phones in the world are recorded due to safety reasons . Maybe that’s why you want to know how to spy on cell phone conversations too…because you somehow need to see if your mate is cheating

-or you need to keep an eye on your kids;

-or you need to spy your employees cell phone calls because they are using their phones too much and you don’t want to pay for calls that have no connection with your business

- or you want to become a private investigator and listen other people’s conversations in order to satisfy your clients.

These are just a few of the reasons why you might want to find out how to spy on cell phone conversations but let’s get to the point. There are 2 ways on listening cell phone conversations:

- using hardware equipments (with microphones or other video-audio monitoring devices);

- using software programs instaled on the targeted cell phone.

Using hardware devices can be tricky and it’s done by installing a spy device near the place where the conversation takes place. Nowadays these devices don’t cost much but if you want to get results then you need to invest some money depending on what you are expecting from the device. The bad part of using a hardware device is that it’s very hard to get into possesion and it’s also detectable because you instal it in a certain area where it can be spotted.

The second one which is easier in my opinion is to use a cell phone spy software. There are many advantages of using a spy software:

- It’s very easy to instal if you follow the instructions;

- You can listen all the conversations made from that phone;

- it’s undetectable;

- it has many other features like text messages spying, device movement tracking, multimedia folder access and other.


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