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8 Signs of cheating girlfriend / boyfriend

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

Lately you started to think that your girlfriend might be cheating on you? Then below you will find the top signs of cheating girlfriend…and the same can be applied to a boyfriend too.

Sign #1signs of cheating girlfriend

She is very protective about her cell phone and she doesn’t even let you touch it. All the cheaters have 1 thing in common: they use a cell phone to keep in touch with that other guy (or girl). You can easily use this in you advantage by spying on your girl’s cell and see with your own eyes if she’s cheating or not and you might even find out what made her cheat on you.

Sign #2

She stopped criticizing you! Nothing hurts more than indifference and you know that….so if she seems indifferent, that’s a cheating sign.

Sign #3

She lied! This one is very common because in a love relationship…no one should lie, and if you even think that she lied on you then there’s something there that you might want to do some research.

Sign #4

No sex! All human beings love sex. We live for pleasure and Sex is one quick way to pleasure ourselves, so if she’s not having sex with you then she probably gets that pleasure from someone else.

Sign #5

This 5th sign is most times right! She’s paranoid and she recently started to blame you for things that you know that you don’t do and you aren’t guilty off…but she continues with her accusations.

Sign #6

The 6th sign is one related to her cell phone, as the #1 sign. It’s a clear cheating sign if she deletes her texts imediately after receiving them and she usually reads them when you are not around.

Sign #7

We discussed about accusations in a previous sign but this one needs to be treated as a different sign because it’s so accurate. The 7th sign of a cheating girlfriend relates to a girlfriend that accuses you of cheating. Most girls that cheat do this because they think you can’t think that she’s cheating when she accuses you first!

Sign #8

She’s suddenly changed her look, her perfume, her dressing style.

As you’ve seen in the #1 sign of a cheating girlfriend, her cell phone is the gate to communication with that other guy. If you want a cell phone spyware program that can help you find out the truth check out our #1 recommendation on the review page.

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