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Best cell phone spy software – The real truth

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

Are you looking for the best cell phone spy software? Here’s what you should know before making any steps.

Before anything else you need to think why you need a cell phone spy software!

Is it because you want to find out if your lover or spouse is cheating?

Is it because you want to track your employees and how they use the phones you gave them?

Is it because you want track your business partner?

There are hundreds of motives for using a cell phone spy software but you need to use the best because:

-it will be easier to use and install on the target cell phone and it will also have instructions for installing it.

-it will provide more information to you depending on what you want to know. You shouldn’t pay $400 for a software that only detectives use if you only need to read someone’s texts or spy their call history or their location. Yes you read it right…there are software that even charge hundreds of dollars but in reality there’s no need to pay that much for a cell phone spy software when you can get the same benefits from a cheaper option.

Another thing that you can use personally to reveal the best cell phone spy software is to check it’s supported phones. You see… a spy software developed by a professional team won’t just support 2-3 phone models. It will support a lot of models and you can even spot the  scams easily if you check their supported models and see that they say they support “all the models”. A profesional team will test and say exactly which phone, which operating systems and how many cell phones they support and they will also provide you help if you are in trouble.

You can read these cell phone spyware reviews if you want to know more but if you want our recommendation for the best cell phone spy software then  check this website! Spybubble is the best cell phone spy software. You can see a real snapshot of the software’s dashboard below.

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Best Cell Phone Spy Software Reviews

Friday, May 20th, 2011

Updated February 27th 2015.

Currently there are 3 cell phone spy software programs that you should consider using :

- MSpy

- HighsterMobile

- FlexiSpy

Here’s the most informative review between them and why MobileSpy is #1 cell phone spy software.

MSpy vs HighsterMobile vs FlexiSpy


MSpy Review – #1 (the only app with 1,000,000 users worldwide)

1_5_newbox_v1.3MSpy Features:

 Supports iOS, Android and Windows phones & tablets (and also computers!)

 Call tracking with detailed logs

 SMS tracking

 E-mail tracking

 Works in any country

 Access to multimedia folder (videos and photos)

 GPS tracking

 Browser history tracking

 Phonebook access

 Lets you spy on Snapchat, Viber, Skype, WhatsApp, iMessage

 Can lock the smartphone remotely & you can delete the spy app remotely!

 Spy call listening (listen live calls)

Visit MobileSpy Website

HighsterMobile Review – #1

highster_boxHighsterMobile Features:

 The top feature of the app : Stealth Camera – where you can take remote photos with the smartphone

 Environment listening

Call tracking

SMS tracking

GPS location tracking

Phone Book Access

 E-mail tracking

 Internet browsing tracking

Works in any country

Support by phone or e-mail.

Supports – BlackBerry OS

- Android OS

- Symbian OS

- Windows Mobile OS

- Iphone OS

 Access to multimedia folder.

Exact models of the supported phones available on the website.

June UPDATE: We even made a video review of the software, called previously Spybubble, and you can see it on this page!

Visit HighsterMobile Website

FlexiSpy Review – #3

FlexiSpy Review

If FlexiSpy wasn’t so expensive it would be our #2 choice.

It has many versions to suit your needs, the top of the range being FlexiSpy Pro-X

Remote Call Listening or Live Call Interception – this is the only software who lets you listen to live calls!

supports SpyCall

SMS tracking

GPS location tracking

Can be installed directly on the phone that you want to spy without any cables

Great support which also includes Live-Agent.

Supports all the major mobile operating systems

Also offers the possibility to protect your phone from being spyed on with FlexiShield.

Costs very much. Somewhere in this range:$200-$360 which in our opinion is way too much if we look at MSpy or HighsterMobile which are priced as low as range of $30, depending on the plan (for Mspy) and only 69.99 for HighsterMobile.

The price is higher because it’s a more advanced phone spy software which is useless if you want to spy only text messages or only the contact list for example.

Visit FlexiSpy Website

These 3 are the best cell phone spyware software programs that you can find on the market at this moment!

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