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Best Android Spy Software – You need to know this!

Friday, March 30th, 2012

So you want to spy on an Android smartphone and you want to know what software could you use? Cool…android spy software

Android is the best operating system and this is proved by the fact that almost 1 million Android smartphones are sold daily! Clearly, people love it…

But some of you want more from the system: you want to spy the location of that phone, you want to see the texts that are sent from and into that phone… and other stuff that you want to know.

But you need to know 1 thing! If you want an Android spyware app you also need to see if your smartphone model is supported by the software! There are many smartphones that have the Android OS and they are released on a daily basis so your phone might not be supported by the software that you want to install.

What to do? All the trustworthy spy software programs have a page on their website where they show the supported cell phones. You just have to go there and see if your phone is in that list.

Warning! The programs that don’t share a list of supported phones are usually crappy software that either don’t work or they work but you will find it very hard to install them!

The best android spy software is clearly Spybubble and it supports all the popular Android smartphones. You can go and can check our review page and see what’s the #1 spy software and if it’s suitable for Android smartphones! On that page you will also know exactly what kind of information can you get by installing a spy software on a cell phone.

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