How to spy on HTC smartphones with Android spyware apps

July 23rd, 2013

HTC One_smartphone400x300Ever wanted to install a spy on someone through their phone? If yes, then this article is for you. Spying has around for a long time, each time evolving into a better and stealthier form. Among the newest forms is phone spying. The Android OS provides a unique framework that has allowed developers to create great spying applications that you can use to spy on people.

Spying someone through a phone has a lot of benefits especially in this technological era because smartphones have generally changed the way we live and communicate.

Companies such as HTC have a lot of smartphones running on Android platform: HTC Evo, HTC Desire, HTC One X,S, V and the newest of them all HTC ONE.

The reality is that spying on a smartphone can reveal a lot of information regarding the owner because you can get access to their call logs, SMS as well as emails allowing you to know whom they have been talking to. You can also listen in the conversations they are having and with some apps you can even access cameras giving you live feeds.

Worried about being caught?

Most spyware applications work stealthily and silently in the background without the user ever knowing and thus allowing you to monitor remotely from any computer with an internet access… or even from your own smartphone.

How can you use these apps?

Mobile phone spying can be used in a variety of situations. Let’s say someone ever borrows your phone and makes a call or send texts then deletes them and you wanted to find out what it was about? Spyware applications will let you auto record all conversations coming from your cell phone.

Not sure if your kid is telling the truth about where he has been? Such apps will allow you to monitor their movements via GPS and Wi-Fi to find out exactly where they are or where they have been. You can use these applications to find out if your loved ones are cheating on you or to find out which of your workmates are leaking your company’s secure data among others. Other apps can be used as recording devices to eavesdrop on people.

What to look after?

A good spyware app must be able to work silently in the background, be simple to install and worth its price. With many so many fake applications out there, finding the right one can be a tiresome task. A good example of a spyware that has all the above features and more is the SpyBubble application.

The SpyBubble application comes with a lot of innovative spy features for its price. The application is easy to install and once installs grants you access to monitor all phone activities 24/7. The advanced cell phone monitoring and tracking application is a top choice for anyone serious on monitoring others.The application is compatible with most HTC smartphones as well as other androids and iPhones. Once installed, it is almost undetectable. It lets you record and listen to calls, read texts and monitor GPS locations. With SpyBubble, you will be able to view the person’s call logs and it also supports live call listening. You can also use it to monitor other messaging applications like WhatsApp, view multimedia files such as photos and videos via a webserver. SpyBubble allows you to monitor internet activities like websites visited and bookmarks.


All this is done remotely on any PC with internet access, through your secured account ensuring compete unawareness.

Needless to say, Spy Bubble is among the best spyware applications out there for your HTC smartphone.

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Every call and text you send is tracked by the government

April 12th, 2013

government1If you think you can do anything you want on your cell phone and no one will find out what you do… think again!

You see, all over the world, from US to China the government tracks and records your calls and texts messages and they store them for several months, some say 6, some say 12 months or longer…

Why do they do that?

They say that it’s done in case you’re doing any illegal activities and in case you’ll be prosecuted in the future, they will have proof to demonstrate their point.

But this is the least important part because all over the internet you can see popping out articles that talk about more surveillance: on your computer, on the road… everywhere! Why so much surveillance? You think about that…

And if you want to start spying on your cell phone and protect it from being lost or stolen, check out the best available software by watching this video.

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Be James Bond in 2013

February 14th, 2013

Technology has reached a very advanced level and because of that the spying equipment market has exploded over the last few years. Add the fact that you can’t trust anyone these days and you have the perfect situation for becoming James Bond, the famous spy that has all the gadgets to save the world (in his movies).

So today I want to talk about the spying gadgets and software out there:

1. The cell phone spying apps.

We’ve talked about all the benefits of using this kind of spyware on your or anybody’s cell phone. If you don’t want to lose your phone, if you don’t want to have your cell stolen, if you want to have all your conversations recorded or if you need to be sure that you can trust someone important in your life… then you need this kind of software!

2. The spy camera.

You can find such camera hidden in anything you can dream of: glasses, bears,pens, usb sticks…. and the list can go forever.

There are a lot of situations where such a camera can save you from getting into big trouble but such cameras can also be used for spying on your kid’s nanny or on employees or maybe you want to record someone t

3. GPS tracking devices.

These are professional gadgets that can track the location of a specific object. Like for example: you have a fleet of trucks and you want to keep an eye on them all the time because some employees might use them for personal activities.

4. Another cool spy gadget is the software that can be installed on your computers or your tablet and it tracks everything that happens on that computer! It can be very useful when monitoring your kids or your employees.

5. The last gadget of the old James bond was the audio recording device but this kind of equipment is slowly dying because audio-video gadgets are cheap these days and you get both audio and video!

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Best Reasons To Try Spybubble Software

November 26th, 2012

The modern world is full of many dangers that simply unavoidable. Cell phones do give adults some security when operating away from home in the modern world. Unlike home telephones smart phones can receive private pictures, videos, and text messages.

Here are a few reasons to use software to keep track of cell phone activity:spybubble features

Investing in Spybubble software is helpful for keeping track of children. School aged children might be allowed to take cell phones to school and extracurricular activities. Many children and teens face dangers during the commute to and from school.

Examples of these dangers are strangers that are following them or engaging in conversation while riding on public transportation. Parents may enjoy having their child be able to text them, send a video, or call them anytime.

Spy software helps you to keep track of who is making calls and sending text messages. Children and teens are often actively trying to keep parts of their life hidden from their parents, this only becomes dangerous when children are engaging with people who do not have their best interest in mind.

Marriage is a deep investment of time, emotions, and effort. When one partner strays outside of that union and does not inform the other, is life changing for the other person. Spying on a mate may seem a bit intrusive or juvenile to some people. Knowing where a spouse is geographically and being able to peer into their phone activity can reveal an inappropriate relationship.

Signs of cheating might be keeping the cell phone hidden while at home or constantly texting and keeping the phone ringer on vibrate. The new need for privacy is usually a clue that someone other than their spouse has taken a center stage in their thoughts and daily conversation. Abruptly leaving the house with weird excuses after receiving a text message or phone call is a sign that an affair might be going on.

Most people who are seeing that they involved with a partner who is cheating may need time to think about what they should do. They can use the software to confirm suspicions while gathering resources or seeking out legal help to decide about what they should do. Some people may try to save their marriages and will seek counseling.

Losing a phone can involve losing hundreds of personal phone numbers, email addresses, pdf files, videos, and photos that are saved on the phone. Knowing where the phone is can help to find it when accidentally misplaced or lost. Many people buy new expensive replacement phones when it is lost in a familiar place. This could be in a place that is visited weekly like a gym, school, place of worship, or over a friend’s house.

Not knowing what is going in the relationship on often leads to indecision and wasting time. Time is essential when it deals with the safety of children and romantic relationships. Use these tips when keeping an eye on situations and people who matter with spy software.

Check out the Spybubble website or see the video review that we’ve made below!

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The Innovative Spy Apps For Android SmartPhones Will Blow You Away

November 21st, 2012

The new and innovative spy apps for Android smartphones will blow you away completely if you are the kind of person who suspects infidelity or foul play in your life. Intruding on someone’s privacy is something that is considered as unethical and unattractive; however, it is not what it seems like every time.


There are those rare occasions when knowing about someone else’s private relations and activities can save you your life, or pride for that matter. How it works is very simple indeed since you can easily download the software program using the Android itself so you won’t have any trouble installing this kind of apps.

The Possibilities Are Endless

Android spy applications are made available through various online software developers. What is unique about these applications is that they can be downloaded using the inbuilt web browser on the cellphone.

So many things are possible using these applications, like viewing text messages, checking call logs, reading e-mails and right down to even tracking the location of the cellphone. In the latter case the software program itself can assist you in finding a lost or stolen cellphone, thereby eliminating the costs and problems associated with losing your mobile phone. However, nagging questions on how it the program is installed remain unanswered for many.

The How

The downloading and installation process leads you into a world you probably never imagined, given that you will be a semi-CIA agent who will have to take the phone unnoticed and tap it. This therefore means that the program is actually downloaded onto the other person’s mobile phone and installed and not on your phone as some people would like to believe. When installed the software sends information to a remote internet server, one which you will have access to through the internet. In a way all cellphone activities will leave distinctive fingerprints of dates, times and locations. The secret though is not getting caught in view of the fact that getting caught will only worsen a relationship that lacks trust from the get go.

The Why

A lot of us wonder why people would actually drag themselves through the mud just to find out secrets that would otherwise complicate their lives. Nonetheless, a close analysis of today’s world will reveal that people are now living private lives whose affairs can be heartbreaking, and in some cases life threatening.

Your spouse could be cheating on you without you knowing it, a business competitor could be plotting for your downfall, and in the most extreme cases, someone could be spreading damaging false rumors about you. So it makes sense to use spying apps for Android smart phones. When all is said and done you will be simply protecting your best interests.

In Conclusion

Spy apps for android smartphones  can help you get rid of a lot of problems, including things STDs in the case of a cheating lover. Easily downloadable to a targeted phone, they allow you to read text messages, check call logs and even verify the location of a phone.

However, this is a stealth job you cannot afford to be caught doing so you should check out our reviews if you want to know what are the best android spyware apps or you can go directly to our #1 recommended spy app: SPYBUBBLE.

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Lost your cell phone? Did someone steal it?

October 12th, 2012

Here’s the problem: It happened to everyone of us!

There are actually 2 situations:

-when you lose your phone and you hate it!

-when someone steals it and again you hate it!

The reasons you hate this may vary but it breaks down to the following:

- either way you lose the phone and the money you’ve spent on it

- you lose the information stored in it (cell phone numbers, photos,personal videos…you name it)

- if you have a contract on it, it might cost you a lot of money since the person who steals it can use it to bump your next bill

Now that we know why we don’t want to lose our cell phone let see the solution, which is simple. You just need to get a working cell phone spyware program which you install on your cell phone.

As soon as you install it, you can log in the online dashboard and get a lot of information from your cell phone, including:


-contacts backup

-multimedia backup (photos,audios,videos)

-and a lot more…

I’ve attached a screenshot with the features that you get by using our #1 recommended spy program:


Don’t let this stuff happen to you!

Check out this spyware program if you want to prevent any of the things we talked about. Or you can check out this video and see how it works.

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Tips On How To Catch A Cheating Wife

October 6th, 2012

“Until Death Do us Part”. This is the promise that both couples share to each other when they get married. This promise should last for a lifetime and not just a couple of years. This promise easily breaks when the partner succumbs to temptation. Doubts and denials may surround the suffering partner at first but it transforms to hatred when proven that the better half has gone bitter by having an extramarital affair.

Signs that a Wife is Cheating

Majority of the people say and believe that it is always the men who gets tangled in the web of an extra marital relationships. This assumption is not true. Today, there are television shows that caught women cheating! Plunging into temptation should not be classified but generalized. All is at risk of cheating.

There are signs that can be monitored to check if a wife is cheating. First is a change in the communication pattern in the family. The communication is cold and self centered. The use of “We” has changed to “I”. The wife does not open topics to the husband and often like to talk with a friend or a mysterious person over the phone.

Second is the change in behavior. The wife will show a lot of concern with how she looks and would even spend a lot of money for a pair of new sexy shoes or clothes. She would also avoid holding the husband’s hand at night and would resist to engage in sex.

Last but not the least is reverse psychology. The wife would always find fault in the husband’s behaviors. Even small wrongdoings will be magnified. Worst is, the wife will accuse the husband that he is the one cheating on her.

Tips on Catching a Cheating Wife

There are a lot of ways on how to catch a cheating wife. First is to hire a private detective. A private detective will be the one who will go after the alleged unfaithful wife (until proven) wherever she goes. The detective will also be the one to get evidences of this extra marital affair. Samples of evidences are pictures, videos or voice recordings. Once the detective has enough evidences, he will present this to the husband and the husband’s lawyer so that appropriate legal actions will be taken against the unfaithful wife. What is good in hiring a private detective is that the husband would just have to wait for the result of the investigation but it is very expensive.

Another way to track a wife’s activities is by doing it yourself. You can be your own private detective. This strategy is less costly but would take a lot of time because you need to determine the appropriate date when to go after your wife. Also, this is very risky because your wife might find out your tracking all her activities.

The last, but not the least, way to determine if your wife is cheating is to download a cell phone spyware software on your partner’s phone! This is the best way to track your partner at this time. It is not expensive, it is legal, and it is easy to use. With this program, you can receive details on the things your wife does and where she is at the moment.

The cell phone spyware software will send you the numbers your partner calls and receives every day, read the messages your partner receives and sends, and even hear your partner’s conversation with another person. Furthermore, the program has a GPS that can tract down the location of your partner.

This software is compatible to any type of phone be it smartphones, blackberry, android, iPhones, etc. The program is undetectable thus your partner would not even have a clue about you monitoring her device. Downloading the software is very easy. All you have to do is get it online. Simply follow the directions that the manufacturer advises you to do. Once the software is installed, reboot your wife’s phone and the software will start sending you timely updates about the transactions your wife does.

With this software, you will surely know who will be standing next to you until death.

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