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How to track cell phone location from computer

Friday, March 16th, 2012

Want to know how you can track a cell phone’s location from your computer?

how to track a cell phoneMaybe you want to keep an eye on the safety of your kids without their knowledge, maybe you want to know where’s your lover or your spouse, or maybe you want to track your employee.

There’s an easy way to that and it involves using a cell phone spyware software. Here’s what you need to do in order to track a cell phone in less than 10 minutes after reading

1. Get a software program. Be careful that the one you get has the option to track a cell phone’s location. Besides the location, a spyware software will also let you see the text messages, the contact list and other features that are different from one software to another.

2. Install it on the cell phone. The software should provide a guide for the installation. The best part is that after you install the software, you won’t have to do anything else on that cell phone.

3. Log into the software’s online dashboard and start tracking the location and receive all the information from the cell phone.

Most of the spyware software programs run in invisible mode, which means that the user of the cell phone won’t have a clue that his location is tracked, and this is great when you want to track somebody.

Check out this cell phone spyware which tracks GPS location or read these software reviews.

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GPS tracking of cell phones – Best software

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

There are many reasons people like you search “gps tracking of cell phones “. Some of them include the fact that you want to keep your employee under control or your kids under surveillance or you just want to know where’s your cell phone all the time.

As we’ve discussed about on the reviews page the best cell phone GPS tracking software and also the best spyware software is SPYBubble.

Spybubble will allow you to track any cell phone’s GPS location after installing the software on the targeted mobile phone.

Besides the GPS tracking feature Spybubble also has features like sms spying, call log access, photos access, phonebook contacts and a few other features which makes the best application to spy and track cell phones.

As for installation this spy app has step by step guide for every mobile operating system.

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