How to Tell if Your Cell Phone is Tapped – 2nd Post On Tapped Cell Phone Signs

As you’ve read in the title this is the 2nd post on tapped cell phone signs, 1st being How to see if you cell phone is tapped or spyed on? where we’ve discussed the following symptoms:

  • #1 – Battery draining;
  • #2 – In-Call noises;
  • #3 – Phone acting weird.

Today’s tapped cell phone signs that you might experience are the following:

  • Cell phone not shutting down;

This sign of tapping works like this: you access the power menu and choose power off and either the phone turns off after a long period of time (>5 minutes) and even after that the backlight stays turned on or the phone simply doesn’t shut down.

  • Sudden lighting up;

Let’s say the phone is on the table and suddenly the backlight turns on and you don’t receive any calls or messages in the next few minutes.

Now that you know how to tell if you cell phone is tapped you should know that If you experience most of the signs that we talked about you should go to a local software specialist or to your carrier and tell them about your problem and that you either

-want your phone cleaned which means formating and installing the operating system again or

-you want a new phone.

Some people might say you are crazy but cell phone tapping isn’t a joke and most of the phones worlwide if not all of them are spyed on.

If you experience other types of cell phone spying signs tell us about it and we will try to help you and others like you.

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