Top 3 Reasons Why Men Cheat and Tips To Keep Your Husband Safe

A recent survey has reported that 98% of men admit to fantasizing about having physical relationship with someone other than their current partner.

What happens when the “innocent fantasy” turns into a “real” infidelity? What can you do to stop it from happening with you? (You should at least try!) All these serious questions are answered here in this article.


Why Do Men Cheat?

More often than not, it’s simply out of spite and neglect, though sometimes, it’s because they think they’ll never be caught in the act. Though there are countless reasons for why men cheat, here are the top three reasons:

1. Emotional dissatisfaction

While they are busy with their own lives, bringing up children, looking after parents and in-laws, men are left feeling high and dry, emotionally. They expect their wives to make them feel appreciated. Although, most men think it’s unmanly to ask for a pat-on-the-back, that’s why their emotional and personal needs are usually overlooked. It’s also possible that the woman he cheats with is someone who looks up to him, complements his efforts and praises him.

2. Disturbances in the marriage

When husbands have regular fights at home with their wives, most of which are often left unresolved, there is a pattern that sets in. He continues to be disturbed and unhappy. In such situation, either he can fight more , or he can choose to flee. So, when he’s looking for an affair, he’s actually looking to “flee” from the challenging task of dealing with the problems in the marriage – and be at ease with that “other lady”.

3. Personal, physical and emotional needs

When men feel they are not “needed” by their life partner anymore, they tend to look for some other woman, someone who can really understand them and also make them feel special. So, suddenly when they get showered with a great deal of attention (which they haven’t felt in long time), they just dive into the new hot and sizzling relationship. While some men are happy spending the remaining part of their life having sex with their wife, others prefer to “experiment” sexually – much more as a need, than being an option.

What You Can Do To Save Them From Making These Wrong Choices

If you are suspicious…

Firstly, you need to ask. Even though most men tend to lie repeatedly, and just 7% of them are going to tell you the truth without being asked. What’s even worse is, around 86% of men will still lie – even after you question them with evidence. (Coz, men will be men!) You can approach this situation by saying: “Honey, if there’s anything going on, we can definitely handle this if we can work through it. But, we wouldn’t be able to do that if you will continue to lie now, so this is your chance to be completely honest.”

If your suspicions come true…

Want to work together and repair the relationship? A few things should happen:
1. He has to realize what wrong he is done on his part.
2. He has to feel sorry and deeply remorseful.
3. He has two big deep and figure out how he got there in the first place. For instance, about 77% of cheating men say they are best friends have also been cheaters.
4. Both of you need to look at the current state of the relationship. Is there an emotional and/or physical distance between you? There is often a lot of fighting and not much nurturing.

Being cheated on could be devastating. (Didn’t they tell you!?) Be honest with yourself about your relationship, and put a good amount of time and energy into your marriage.

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