Sexting – Use it to catch cheaters!

sex textsSexting is one of the frequent activities that happen between couples, especially young ones.

If you don’t know what it is then here’s a short definition:

Sexting is when you exchange text messages with your partner with the goal of exciting both of you by using sexual words that trigger imagination.

It can be pretty cool because it builds up desire to see your partner and turn every word into reality.

But how can you use that to catch a cheater?

It’s simple… when you are married or when you are in love with someone else you don’t start sexting with other persons except the one you are in a relationship with.

You do that and it’s clear that something fishy is going one, most surely the sexting isn’t just sexting… it’s an actual relationship outside your marriage or your “love” relationship.

Do you agree?

Of course… but don’t worry…

Because you can easily find out if your partner is sexting with other persons by spying on the sent&received text messages that are on your partner’s phone. If you see any sexual text messages then that’s a big red flag and most surely he or she is cheating on you with the person from the other phone.

This software can help you catch a cheating sexter and also prevent a hurtful breakup (like the one when you end up being dumped without any reason).

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