Be James Bond in 2013

Technology has reached a very advanced level and because of that the spying equipment market has exploded over the last few years. Add the fact that you can’t trust anyone these days and you have the perfect situation for becoming James Bond, the famous spy that has all the gadgets to save the world (in his movies).

So today I want to talk about the spying gadgets and software out there:

1. The cell phone spying apps.

We’ve talked about all the benefits of using this kind of spyware on your or anybody’s cell phone. If you don’t want to lose your phone, if you don’t want to have your cell stolen, if you want to have all your conversations recorded or if you need to be sure that you can trust someone important in your life… then you need this kind of software!

2. The spy camera.

You can find such camera hidden in anything you can dream of: glasses, bears,pens, usb sticks…. and the list can go forever.

There are a lot of situations where such a camera can save you from getting into big trouble but such cameras can also be used for spying on your kid’s nanny or on employees or maybe you want to record someone t

3. GPS tracking devices.

These are professional gadgets that can track the location of a specific object. Like for example: you have a fleet of trucks and you want to keep an eye on them all the time because some employees might use them for personal activities.

4. Another cool spy gadget is the software that can be installed on your computers or your tablet and it tracks everything that happens on that computer! It can be very useful when monitoring your kids or your employees.

5. The last gadget of the old James bond was the audio recording device but this kind of equipment is slowly dying because audio-video gadgets are cheap these days and you get both audio and video!

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