How to spy text messages on cell phones

Ever wanted to see someone’s text messages without asking for their permission? Nowadays you can spy text messages on cell phones very easily by using a cell phone spy software.

So how to spy text messages on cell phones and don’t get caught:

1. Get a phone spy software.

You need to be careful when choosing a cell phone spying software because not all of them offer the same options and you have 2 options:

- you use a software for your need;

- you get a software that can be used for all the spying tasks.

2. Instal it on the targeted cell phone. It doesn’t matter if you have a BlackBerry, an Android, a Symbian or a Windows Mobile OS on your smartphone because most of the software programs can be used on all these mobile platforms.

3. Log into the admin area of the software and start reading messages (inbox, sent or draft). The area will be like the one show in this photo:

Tip: On some cell phones you might even see deleted messages.

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Beside the ability to spy on text messages a spy software will also let you:

  • track the phone through GPS;
  • listen to live calls;
  • see call logs;
  • view web browser activity;
  • see contact list.

Now that you know how to spy text messages on cell phones go and read more features here.


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