Let’s take the following situation into consideration!

Someone recently asked us if it’s possible to find out if their phone is spyed on or not… and after we’ve made some research we reached to this conclusion: You can block a spyware app from transmitting information about you and your cell phone activity, but there isn’t an exact way that you can use to see if a mobile spy software is installed on your cell phone.

Sure you might try to install a spyware software on your phone and see if there are any troubles with the installation (troubles that might come from having the app already installed on the phone), but this way doesn’t guarantee success, meaning that ┬áthe app might install correctly even if you already have one installed.

So, how can you block a software to send data regarding your calls, texts, gps location, internet browsing history or any other type of information that can be found out by using such an application?

The solution can seem as drastic but it’s the only one you can employ: Turn off any type of internet connection on the phone! FOREVER!

This will work as long as you don’t turn the internet connection back on because once you do it, the software will send to the server all the information stored in the past.

The research was made using the software programs that we tested personally, the ones that you can find on this page.

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