Listen your spouse cell phone calls

Technology reached such an advanced level that you just don’t know what to expect!

We’ve recently came across a new cell phone spy software that allows you to actually listen and record any cell phone that your spouse might have.

You know what I am talking about…

Those conversations that puts him/her on the run, those conversations that always make your spouse go in another room!

The software that we are talking about is Highster Mobile and it can be used on a wide variety of smartphone which you can find on their website.

Except call listening you can also:

-see all the text messages (even get them sent on your phone);

-see the internet activity;

-see every picture and every video on the mobile phone.

And on “top of the cake” you will get the mic bugging option which will let you listen the surroundings of the cell phone, no matter if the phone is used in a conversation or not!

We will be testing it out soon and we will see how good it is, but you canĀ see the software that lets you listen and record the conversations on this page.

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