How to see if your cell phone is tapped or spyed on?

spy phone symptomsI know that this website is called Phone Tapping Software .com but some of you want to know if a spy software is installed on the cell phone that you use and that’s why I decided to try to tell a few tips on spotting a cell phone spyware software.

In the next lines I will present a few symptoms that your phone might have if it’s tapped. Keep in mind that a well programmed software will not produce any notable noises or anomalies and it makes it untraceable.

Symptom #1:

Your cell phone battery drains faster.

This is very hard to track because you might be using your phone more than you usually do and that would be the reason for your battery to drain faster.

Symptom #2:

You hear noises during a call. This symptom might be affected by the quality of the network that you use but if you experience all the 3 symptoms then you need to change your phone.

Symptom #3:

Your phone acts weird.

This situation is made when the tapping software wasn’t programmed for the phone that you are using and this thing was missed by person who installed it on your phone.

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