How to monitor someone’s text messages

I’m sure you have your reasons to want to read someone’s texts. It really doesn’t matter if it’s your kid or your girlfriend or maybe your wife… those messages can really help you figure it out how you should deal with those persons and what are their real problems (problems that the might not to discuss with you but they easily discuss with their friends).

And all this is possible by using the technology that’s available to anyone.

So this is the stuff you will need:

- a spyware software ( be careful which one you decide to use)

- the targeted phone (or a new one- more on this later)

- a computer with an internet connection

It very simple to understand why you need that stuff: You get the software (online) > Install it on the targeted phone > Log in the online dashboard of the software and start getting the sent and received texts.

But here’s the right way to do it:

- You need to do it without their knowledge! Because if they know you are reading their texts… what’s the purpose of monitoring them? (So… offer a new cell phone to that person, or get it while they are sleeping)

- Another thing that messes things up is that people who monitor someone’s text don’t try to hide this kind of stuff. What I mean is that if you know something that only that person knows… you don’t go to him/her and start asking weird questions that might blow your cover! So don’t blow your cover!

Our recommendation for a text message spyware is HighsterMobile and you can read exactly why on the reviews page.

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