Spy devices for cell phones – The old way

cell phone spying deviceThe technology evolved so much that nowadays you don’t have to use small devices but that’s what we will talk about: Spy devices for cell phones.

The history of spy devices began many years ago, in 1945, when “The Thing” aka “The great seal bug” was invented by Lev Sergeyevich Termen (russian).

The Great Seal Bug (in the picture below) was the first spy device that could send audio signals to the people who installed it. The way it worked was very rudimentary so there’s no point in explaining it.

spy device

You can read more on Wikipedia if you want.

Fast forward to a few years ago when small spying devices started to pop up in the online marketplace. These devices were and still are small sized electronic equipments that don’t need wires to transmit audio or any other types of data!

The cons of using spying devices are:

they are expensive (at least $100)

- they are visible, except for more exclusive gadgets that are microscopic but those can’t be found anywhere!

- they are hard to install.

In the present, devices are seen like old and bulky because the spy software replaced them.

The advantages of using a software are numerous and they start with the price which can be less than $50 but can go up! Another pro of a spyware software is that it’s INVISIBLE!

No one really knows if his/her cell phone is tracked and there isn’t an exact way to find out if that cell phone is tracked or not! There are some signs that might make you think that you have a spy on your cell phone but you can’t really know for sure.

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