5 things you need to know about any cell phone spyware software

If you are reading this then you don’t trust someone, or maybe you just want to keep an eye on what they do… But ┬áhere are a few things that you should know:

cell phone spy software1. Most software programs are untraceable and will never be found!

2. Depending on the program, it can provide multiple types of information, not only call logs or text messages. It’s best to think about what you need because a spy program with all the features can cost a few hundred dollars.

3.The technology evolved so much that there’s a spyware program for any brand or model of mobile phone.

4.You need to have access to the cell phone for at least 15-20 minutes if you want to install such a program!

5. The 5th thing is somehow related to the 4th: There isn’t any program that allows remote installation meaning install the program without even touching that phone. It’s next to impossible to do it!

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