How to install text message spyware

In this article you will see the general steps on how to install text message spyware on any cell phone.

1.Choose the mobile spyware program.

First thing that you should look at is the feature that the software offers. If you just want to spy the text messages then this shouldn’t be a big problem but if you would also like to track phone call records or location you need to know that not all the spyware programs offer all these abilities.

2.Study the instructions provided by the software producer.

Be careful because some programs won’t show you exact steps on how to install the software and you might end up with no clue on how to do it and with your money spent.

3.Get the cell phone in your possesion.

In our studies we researched over 15 spyware software programs and neither one of them could be installed without getting the phone for 15-20 minutes.

Using the instruction given by the manufacturer you install it on the cell phone.

4.Log into the software interface and start receiving the text messages.

These steps are the ones for installing a spyware on any cell phone and if you want our recommendation for the best text message spyware then visit the Spybubble website. If you want to read more check our page about the best cell phone spy software reviews.

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