See how you can bug a cell phone using spyware software

You as many other people might want to bug a cell phone using a spyware software due to some trust issues with a spouse, a kid, a business partner or a employee.

Yeah… I know…all the relationships are based on trust and if you can’t trust someone you can’t love him and you can’t do business with either.

This is the best software that you can use to bug a cell phone.

But how to bug a cell phone using a spy software? How does this type of software program work?

It’s actually very simple:

1. Choose the the best cell phone spying software.

2. Read the instructions and install the software.

3.Log into the online admin area and get updated with the location, calls, messages, web browsing and more.

4. Decide if you can trust the husband/wife/kid/employee/partner!

Warning! This technology can’t be found everywhere and you should know that a fair price for a software should be somewhere around $50-100 which I think it’s a fair price for something that can show if you can trust someone with proofs.

It’s basically like hiring a private detective for dirt cheap…

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