How to See Wife’s Text Messages to Allay Your Suspicions

How to see wife’s text messages is an issue that should not come up in most healthy marriages. But if the bonds of trust have already been broken, and there is no other way to confirm your suspicions, then here is a suggestion for how to read your wife’s text messages: install spy software onto her mobile phone. This will enable you to see everything that your wife does on her cell phone, effectively letting you see everything on it. She will not be able to keep any secrets from you.

How to see wife’s text messages once the software is installed? You simply have to go to the website of the vendor that sold you the software, and you can see a log of all activity on the mobile phone. Apart from incoming and outgoing text messages as well as email messages, you can also see which numbers she called and received calls from, what websites she visited and even the contents of her phone book. And the software will even show you how to read your wife’s text messages that she has deleted, since a record of them will still be kept.

Note that apart from showing you how to read your wife’s text messages, the software will keep your spying activities secure since it is undetectable once it is installed. And the account on the vendor’s site where the log is kept is secure and accessible only to you. You can also arrange to have the log sent to your personal email address so that you can examine it at your leisure. And you can even view historical and real-time GPS locations on a map, so that you can keep track of your wife’s whereabouts. With this software, you’ll have peace of mind, since you’ll always know how to see wife’s text messages.

Do you want to convince yourself that she isn’t cheating? And remove any doubts that might hurt your marriage?

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