How to Bug a Cell Phone Effectively

How to bug a cell phone is a question many people are asking, whether they are employers who think their employees are stealing from them to jealous spouses who believe that they are being cuckolded. Monitoring a cell phone is the easiest way to determine the truth or allay your suspicions since most people conduct a lot of their activities using their phones. Here is a number of bug a cell phone methods you can try:

  1. Hide close to the person you want to monitor and listen in while they’re using their cell phones
  2. Buy a radio frequency scanner and detect the frequency of the cell phone you want to listen to.  Once you’ve found it, you will be able to listen in. However, this method of how to bug a cell phone works only if the subject is using an analog phone, making it impractical for virtually all mobile phones.

If you’re tired of these ridiculous bug a cell phone methods, then it’s time to get serious by using mobile phone spy software. This software makes the job of monitoring a cell phone easy, and is the only way you can effectively bug a cell phone. All you have to do is install the software into the target mobile phone and you can start gathering information from the phone, which will be collected into a database on the vendor’s site. You can read text messages sent and received and even erased, look at a record of calls made and received, including numbers and time and length of calls and see what places the subject has been visiting through a historical record of their GPS location. If you’re online at the time, you can even see where the subject is at the time through a real-time GPS reading. This spy software is the best way for how to bug a cell phone.

See this cell phone bugging software reviews.

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