How to Spy Boyfriend Text Messages: Getting your Cheating Boyfriend Caught

Every woman wants to know if their boyfriend stays faithful to their relationship. If you are already doubtful of the faithfulness of your boyfriend because of his actions, then it is advisable for you to learn how to spy boyfriend text messages.  Your boyfriend’s mobile phone can be the place where messages of infidelity are stored.  It is the main reason why you need to learn the basics of reading his messages without him knowing.  As a means to help you out, you should consider owning cell phone spying software.  This will definitely help you monitor the affairs of your boyfriend and catch him immediately when he starts to do his unfaithful acts.

No matter how good your boyfriend is in covering his tracks, there are still a lot of tools, applications and software that can help you determine whether your suspicions are true or not.  The best way for you to do this is to get yourself acquainted with a cell phone spy program.  This is actually a membership site that works by letting you pay for upfront fees first and the corresponding monthly fees after you start making use of the spy program.  After logging in your account to the member’s area, then you should start selecting a cell phone that you want to get details from.  This starts the process of spying your boyfriend.

Once your account is already logged in, you can expect to find a list of data that are accessible for you.  These data are the things that will help you answer the how to spy boyfriend text messages question.  Among the data that you will gain access to is the mobile phone call spy tracking.  This contains all of the cell phone numbers that your potential cheating boyfriend has called.  It also contains a list of the phone numbers who have called your boyfriend.  The best thing about this is that you can find a lot of information that are all essential in your investigation.  These include the number of calls made and received, the call duration and the exact time through which the calls are made.  You can also find out if the number is saved in the phone memory.

You can also gain access to SMS or text message tracking once you logged in to your account.  You can expect to read messages that were sent and received in your boyfriend’s mobile phone.  Reading the messages is still possible even if your boyfriend deletes them.  The reason behind this is that the SMS messages are immediately stored into your mobile spy account after your create it.  This allows you to obtain a copy of all of the received and sent messages of your boyfriend.

How to spy boyfriend text messages is also possible with the GPS location tracking present in the cell phone spy program that you have chosen.  This is considered to be the most useful feature if your aim is to immediately catch your cheating boyfriend.  You will know if your boyfriend is lying to with the help of Google maps.  If your boyfriend sends you a message that he is at the gym or working late, then you can spy on him through that message.  You will know his exact location so it will be much easier for you to catch him if he is lying.

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